Visit from Fire Officer Dawn

On Friday, Dawn from @LancashireFRS visited Year 2.  We learnt about how to keep ourselves safe in a fire and our brave Year 2 firefighters rescued a family and dog from a class fire. 


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Health Week

We loved having a go at archery during health week!



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Wider Ops Concert 2018

Year 5 held their music concert at the beginning of this half term to show parents their new musical skills.

Click on the links below to view their performances.

Wider Ops video 1

Wider Ops video 2

Wider Ops video 3

Wider Ops video 4

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Science Competition Carr Hill 2018

Twelve children from Year 6 attended Car Hill last Thursday to take part in a STEM competition against other local schools. Split into 3 teams their challenge was to design and build a rocket. Points were awarded for design, teamwork, resilience, cost efficiency and distance the rocket…

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Year 3 debate chocolate!

Year 3 were asked to write a discussion text.

As part of our work we had class debates and one such debate was 'whether we should or shouldn't eat chocoate?'.  It fitted in nicely with our ' Healthy Humans' topic.

Click here to see our…

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Stained Glass Windows

We have been designing our own stained glass window for our topic in RE! 

Im sure you'll agree that our results are beautiful!

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Yummy Chocolate Bars!

As part of our topic on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Year 3 have been designing their own chocolate bars! 

They came up with their own ideas based on what they had read. Im sure you'll be impressed with their results!



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Pond clearance

The Eco committee (Year 3 - Year 6) did an amazing job of clearing leaves from the pond and in the pouring rain too! The leaves were left at the side of the pond for any pond life to return to the water before putting the leaves in the compost bin. Super effort team Eco!!

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Phases of the Moon

Year 5 have been learning about the phases of the Moon. They can explain why the Moon appears to change shape, ask them when you next see them. This activity helped them see each of the different phases. The lamp is the Sun, their head the Earth and the ball on the stick is the Moon. Look closely…

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Can you be creative too?

Esme used air drying clay to make a model of the solar system; it's amazing! Come and have a look at it and have a go yourself!

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Year 3 Gymnastics

Year 3 have been practising their gymnastics using the apparatus in the hall. Our focus was on different ways of travelling and balancing using different parts of our bodies.

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Chocolate Foam

Year 3 have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and have been busy producing some art and craft work based on the description of the chocolate foam. We thought you might like to see our finished display.

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