Visit to the Fire Station

On Wednesday 6th December Year 1 went to Wesham Fire Station. First we met Bob the firefighter and he let us all have a go on the fire engine.

The other firefighters showed us their tools and equipment including the jaws of life! The most exciting bit was when we could use the hose to try and…

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Visit to Blackpool Zoo

On Wednesday 4th October Year 1 went to Blackpool Zoo. We had a great day despite the chilly weather. We enjoyed spotting lots of differnet animals- tigers, giraffes, lions, elephants and monkeys. We particularly enjoyed the penguin and sea lion shows. We met Victoria in the zoo classroom who…

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The Harris Museum - Preston

On Tuesday 14th March we went to the Harris Museum in Preston. We met Lucy and she worked with us on some different activities. We sorted modern and old toys. Next we dressed up as Victorian children and played with old toys and games. Before lunch we made our own peg doll character. It was a…

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Spring Walk

On Wednesday 8th March we went on a spring walk to the woods. It was quite muddy! We noticed lots of buds growing on the trees and bushes. We saw lots of daffodil and crocuses and a few snowdrops. The woods looked beautiful with so many spring flowers!

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Winter Walk

On Wednesday 18th January we went on a winter walk to the woods in Kirkham. We were hunting for different types of plants.

We saw lots of deciduous trees including horse-chestnut, sycamore and oak trees. These trees had bare branches, although we did see some buds starting to grow on the end of…

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Year 1 Visit Wesham Fire Station

On Wednesday 7th December Year 1 went to Wesham Fire Station. We met Fraser and Dawn the firefighters. Fraser showed us around the fire engine and we saw all the tools including the jaws of life. We even got to sit in the back of the fire engine. 

Mrs Coxon and Mrs Tiffen had to dress up as…

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Year 1 Class Assembly

On Tuesday 25th October we enjoyed doing our class assembly for our mums, dads and grandparents. We had to learn lots of words including songs and poems. Our favourite was called, 'Oh, we went to Blaxkpool Zoo.' Afterwards we enjoyed a drink of juice and biscuits. 

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Year 1 visit Blackpool Zoo.

On Tuesday 4th October we went to Blackpool Zoo. It was a lovely sunny day.

First we went to the zoo classroom and met Puffy the bearded dragon. We could even stroke him!

After that we saw the lions, tigers, elephants and monkeys. Next we had fun on the playground and played some games with…

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Vet's Visit.

Year 1 had a very exciting visit from the local vet on Friday!

Here are some of their thoughts.


You have to brush a dog's teeth.


I bandaged a little puppy.


I put a bandage on Dudley.


I had a mask.


Sarah put drops in the dog's…

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