Our History Walk

History Walk

During our walk around Kirkham, we looked at the different buildings, objects and road signs and tried to imagine what life was like in the past.

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Visit to Hindu Temple

Year 3 had a very interesting and informative visit to the Hindu Temple last week. Here are some images of our visit.



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Year 3 debate chocolate!

Year 3 were asked to write a discussion text.

As part of our work we had class debates and one such debate was 'whether we should or shouldn't eat chocoate?'.  It fitted in nicely with our ' Healthy Humans' topic.

Click here to see our…

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Stained Glass Windows

We have been designing our own stained glass window for our topic in RE! 

Im sure you'll agree that our results are beautiful!

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Yummy Chocolate Bars!

As part of our topic on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Year 3 have been designing their own chocolate bars! 

They came up with their own ideas based on what they had read. Im sure you'll be impressed with their results!



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Pond clearance

The Eco committee (Year 3 - Year 6) did an amazing job of clearing leaves from the pond and in the pouring rain too! The leaves were left at the side of the pond for any pond life to return to the water before putting the leaves in the compost bin. Super effort team Eco!!

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Year 3 Gymnastics

Year 3 have been practising their gymnastics using the apparatus in the hall. Our focus was on different ways of travelling and balancing using different parts of our bodies.

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Chocolate Foam

Year 3 have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl and have been busy producing some art and craft work based on the description of the chocolate foam. We thought you might like to see our finished display.

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Year 3 have been learning about what the perimeter is and how to work it out. They have come up with a great way to remember it! Click here to find out how!

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Year 3 Art

We have been learning how to make different colours by mixing paint with varying results! Do you know which colours you have to mix together to make a new colour? Here's your chance!

Try our quiz!

Red + Blue = ?

Blue + Yellow = ?

Yellow + Red = ?

Red + Green = ?

Red + White =…

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Year 3 - RE

Year 3 have been learning about the Ten Commandments. We decided to go outside to act some of them out. 

Can you tell which ones?

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

We have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in class and we read about Charlie's ride in the glass lift.

There were 5000 different rooms in Mr Wonka's factory that could be reached by using the lift. We all chose a room we'd like to visit and drew what we imagined would be inside…

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