Our Christmas Elves!

Our little elves in Reception class have been hard at work preparing for Christmas! 

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Year 6 Santa Dash

Last Friday Year 6 took part in a Santa Dash! The aim was to collectively run from school to Blackpool Tower and back without leaving the playground! 

As a whole the class had to run (or walk) 27680 km in order to reach their target. In total they exceeded this and ran 34269 km. Wow! What an…

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Ukulele times

Year 5 have had lots of fun this term learning the ukulele!

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Remembrance Day

We have been creating these these beautiful pieces of art in order to commemorate Remembrance Day.


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Year 6 Science

As part of their science this term Year 6 have been investigating how birds' beaks are adapted for the environment in which they forage.

 Lucia and Selina have produced a detailed description of their investigations.



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Reading Plus - Guidance For Year 4, 5 and 6 Parents.

Please see below some useful information with regards to helping your child with their reading on Reading Plus.


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Our History Walk

History Walk

During our walk around Kirkham, we looked at the different buildings, objects and road signs and tried to imagine what life was like in the past.

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As part of our  work during Health Week Year 6 once again took part in Bikeabilty sessions which are designed to improve safety and road awareness.  


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Health Week - Year 6

During Health Week we had the opportunity to try Jujitsu and circuit training with Josh.We also discussed how to keep ourselves healthy and safe and this week we will be taking part in Bikeabiliy training.

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Bags of trouble!

The Eco Committee read in First News, a newspaper written for young people, that scientists have discovered a problem with biodegradable carrier bags - they don't biodegrade! So we are doing our own experiment with three different bags. We have dug three separate holes in the soil and put the…

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Visit to Hindu Temple

Year 3 had a very interesting and informative visit to the Hindu Temple last week. Here are some images of our visit.



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Painting inspired by music.

While listening to three different pieces of music the children decided whether to use complementary or contrasting colours to paint circles in the style of the artist Kandinsky, using only their fingers!

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