Thermal insulators year 5

Thermal insulators year 5

We have been doing a science experiment to investigate thermal insulators. Matthew, a refreshment stall holder, wanted to improve his drinks service and asked Year 5 if they could find out how he could keep his drinks hotter for longer. 

Each child chose a question to investigate.

-What is the best material to wrap a cup in?

-Does having a lid on a cup affect how long it stays warm?

-Are two cups (one inside the other) better?

We found out that:

- The best material to wrap a cup in is tinfoil.

- A lid does keep a drink warmer for longer

-Two cups (one inside the other) didn't make any difference.

We now want to find out:

-Will layers of tinfoil make the drink stay warmer for longer?

-Will a lid made from a different material keep the drink warmer for longer?

-Will a material between the two cups make the drink stay warmer for longer?

Ask the Year 5 children what they found out next and what advice they would give to Matthew the refreshment stall holder!

Posted by Gemma Smith on 27 October 2017

Category: Year 5