This term we are learning about the heart and the circulatory system.

On  Wednesday we were all ( well most of us!) very excited that Mrs Lewthwaite had brought a pig's heart to school that we could dissect, examine and study.

Here is an entry from Abbi 's science book.

We saw and learnt about the arteries and that they are like elastic bands. We could see the 4 chambers which were held together by heart strings.

Mrs Lewthwaite put a pencil through a chamber to see if it would come out of the artery. We learnt that there is a small layer of sticky fat which protects the heart,

but if fat managed to get into your artery it could block it and then you could become really ill.

Ruby said

The artery is made of an elastic material. There can be small bits of fat stuck in the artery which can block the blood flow.

There was a bit of very strong fat on the top of the heart to keep it warm. The reason it is not on the bottom is that the heart needs to pump.

We looked at the heart strings and found out that they connected the walls of the heart. 

Toni-May said

We looked at a real pig's heart in our science lesson. We were able to to touch it, or we could leave the class to research the heart if we didn't want to look at it.

We learned that the heart is a muscle and an organ. It is one of the most important organs in our body as it continuously pumps blood around our body. Our heart is slightly to the left of our chest and it is protected by our rib cage. Our heart is made up of 4 chambers. There are also 4 valves in our body to make sure that our blood goes one way, either in or out. 

Blood, going through the heart, is carried through veins.

I found this lesson interesting but also disgusting!