School Year 2021/22 (recent changes shown in bold type)

The government's guidance main aim is to try and recreate as normal a school environment as possible, but they continue to  ask schools to make daily decisions about anything to limit the spread of Covid. We continue to follow all the expectations for keeping our school as safe as possible. We will:

1.    Ensure good hygiene for everyone.
2.    Maintain appropriate cleaning regimes.
3.    Keep occupied spaces well ventilated.
4.    Follow public health advice on testing, self-isolation and managing confirmed cases of COVID-19.

When we return the system of 'bubbles' - where children only mix within a fixed year or class group - has ended, as has the need to stagger start and finish-times, or avoid mixing at lunch or in the playground. Please visit the school website for information on start and finish times. 

From 29th November 21 face coverings are required to be worn by all adults in school unless they are exempt.

From 27 January, face coverings are no longer advised for pupils, staff and visitors in communal areas. 

As before if you or your child has Covid symptoms you should not attend school and arrange for a test. If children display symptoms at school we will arrange for them to be safely collected and require that they get a test. Unlike before, the 'bubble' will not be sent home in light of a positive test unless as a school we are advised to take such action by the Public Health Team. 

Any child who tests positive for Covid will be contacted by NHS Test and Trace (not the school) and told to isolate. Their parents will be asked to provide information about close contacts at school and elsewhere, and their contact details, if known. Children who are named as close contacts by the NHS will be asked to take a PCR test, but will not have to self-isolate unless they themselves test positive. 

Daily testing of close contacts for COVID-19 – updated guidance for schools from the DfE

From 14th December 2021, adults who are fully vaccinated and all children and young people aged between 5 to 18 years and 6 months identified as a close contact of someone with COVID-19, are strongly advised to take a lateral flow device (LFD) test every day for 7 days and continue to attend their setting as normal, unless they have a positive test result.

As has been the case since our return we encourage everyone to take personal responsibility to help limit the spread of Covid 19. We thank you in advance for helping us take this next step step safely. 

What has been outlined above is our best understanding at the present time, as we have all experienced in the past things can and do change, we will of course keep you as updated as possible. 

We are really looking forward to having a fantastic school year. 

Covid-19 2021-22

April 2021

Covid - April 2021 - Covid Catch up Plan

March 2021

8th March 2021 - return to school for all pupils.

Parental Guidance for Returning to School

Covid - Risk Assessment

January 2021

January 2021

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20th November 2020

COVID - 19

It seems a long time ago since I sent out the parental guidance in relation to COVID - 19 and of course there are now more restrictions in place than in September. Please could I remind you of the following key points:

Government guidance states that only one adult should drop off or collect a child. This applies even if the adults are not coming into the playground ,

as the surrounding alley or pavement is still very crowded. The intention is that this will minimise the number of adults within the busy school area.

Government guidance states that all parents should leave the school vicinity as soon as their child has gone into school. They should not stay to talk to parents with children in other bubbles.

If any family member develops symptoms even for a short period of time or takes a test, all members of the family must self - isolate and children must not come into school unless a negative result is received.

Masks should be worn in the playground and must be worn if you wish to speak to a member of staff or come in to the Reception area.

Please notify school immediately of any positive test.

We are required to keep all areas well ventilated so windows in school are open.Therefore, you may wish to ensure that your child wears tights, skins or vests if they are complaining of the cold. We are more than happy for the children to wear coats if necessary although the children don’t seem to feel the cold in the same way that staff do!

A number of parents have asked about the possibility of ordering a school ‘fleece’ that the children can put on as a further layer so Mrs Clarke is looking into this.

2nd November 2020

Click here to view the Isolation Diary. This can be accessed by all pupils who have been sent home in their class bubbles with a positive COVID case and is a way of us as a school to help provide support. 


Return to school September 2020

Covid - September 2020


June 2020

Covid - June 2020


8th April 2020

The Wellbeing and Mental Health helpline is now open 24/7 to help people deal with the implications of the Coronavirus pandemic on their mental health.

If you need mental health support call 0800 915 4640 or text 'Hello' to 07862 022846  there is more information at

Mental Health


20th March 2020

Click here to view the government guidance to schools issued on 19th March 2020.